Sponsorship Opportunity

14 November 2012

I know we all are proud of the achievements of Team GB at this years Olympics and Para-Olympics. When we were speaking to Rob Spavin M.D. of Hazchem 063 Spavin City Express, we were interested to hear of his son Harry’s sporting prowess, so we’re sponsoring him in a modest manner. We also wondered if any other members of Hazchem Network or customers of our network are also interested in sponsoring this young member of Team GB.


Details from Rob Spavin -


My youngest son Harry Spavin has been involved in Water Skiing from the age 3 and has just turned 15 in September 2012


He has enjoyed skiing at all levels recreationally, but has more recently become interested in the Tournament water skiing events being slalom, trick and jump


2011 was his first full year in tournaments and he had great success finishing 2nd in the country in under 14 boys and 3rd in Europe in the jump event with 35.5metres


The remarkable fact is that in nearly every event he entered in 2011 and 2012 he achieved one or more personal best so his progression has been remarkable and outstanding


In 2012, after winter training for 4 weeks in Louisiana in May and has been entered tournaments in the USA, Austria and the European championships held in Holland in 2012


He was awarded a silver and 3 bronze medals at the National championships in July, his longest jump of 2012 an incredible 43m (141 feet)


He was awarded a GB team place for both the European championships in Holland in August and the World Championships to take place in Australia in February 2013


Team GB came 5th overall in the European Championships and Harry finished 15th overall in the under 17 boys category – Harry was only 14 years old at the time which was the highest placed 1st year boy in the competition.


Next season he will move up 8 places as the oldest boys move out of the category!


All Harry’s scores, achievements and lots of photos can be found at      http://www.harryspavin.com


Unfortunately, no matter how much natural talent and determination he has, there is little or no support for skiers from national bodies as most have committed their funds to the Olympics


So it is up to the individual athlete to obtain his own sponsorship or financial support for training, travel and equipment.


His first major expense for 2013 is the World Championships in Australia in February. As it is still in our winter time, skiers must pre-train in warm conditions.


After completing winter training in England from October to January he will be travelling to the  USA for 3 to 4 weeks warm water training and then heading to Australia to compete in February – With this preparation he expects to significantly improve his 2012 scores, a great start to next season !


The punch line…..


I am interested in any form of sponsorship that your company may be prepared to offer us to provide more top quality training


I believe (and countless others in water skiing believe) he has what it takes to get medals in the European championships 2013/14 and in the World championships 2014 whilst still in the under 17 category.


He is natural born sportsman with great ability and huge competitive hunger. He has been described by the Sport’s Governing Body as a “World Class Athlete”


As water-skiing is regarded as an Extreme Sport and one which can be spectacular to watch, and given Harry’s achievements and enormous potential, there will undoubtedly be significant media interest on a local and regional level, possibly on a National level.


Sponsoring Harry would give you an opportunity to share in and be involved with his quest for success and to assist in promoting local sporting excellence.


We have the following suggestions


[a] Appear in your company newsletter - with regular updates through season and your company details on Harry’s web site, cost  £250


[b] Harry  can wear your company logo on his skis, wet suits, tee shirts and includes all elements  in (a) as above , cost £450


[c] Harry and I can host a day’s “Learn to water ski” at our club’s lake for select bunch  of directors/staff and guests or as a prize / team building for  your staff  includes a ride in the boat, breakfast / brunch, a beer or 2 – in general, a good summers day cost POA - depending on number of guests involved


If you have any questions then please call Rob Spavin at Hazchem 063 Spavin City Express on Tel 01724 276 072 or email him at robert.spavin@spavincityexpress.co.uk