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19 September 2012

Following the recent FTA / D f T Carriage of Dangerous Goods Seminar that Hazchem Network supported; we were approached to comment about the recent changes in the regulations pertaining to Hazardous Goods and their logistics for Truck and Trace Magazine.


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As the world of Hazardous Goods Logistics is filled with many acronyms, we provided Truck and Trace Magazine a useful glossary and these are reproduced  below -


Acronyms used in the Logistics of Dangerous Goods

As the world of Dangerous Goods Logistics is filled with complicated acronyms, Truck and Track Magazine in conjunction with Hazchem Network have provided this handy glossary -


ADR = Accord Dangereuse Routiers [aka Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road]

RID = Regulations concerning the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail

IMO = International Maritime Organisation

IMDG = International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

ICAO = International civil aviation organisation

IATA = International Airline Travellers Association

CAA = Civil Aviation Authority

FAA = Federal Aviation Authority

PSR = Pipeline Safety Regulations

CDG = Carriage of Dangerous Goods

TDG = Transport of Dangerous Goods

TEPD = Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive

SDS = Safety Data Sheet [replaces MSDS material safety data sheet]

IIW = Instructions in writing

DGN = Dangerous Goods Note

LQ = Limited Quantities

PG = Packing Group

TC = Transport Category

COMAH = Control of major accident hazards

COSHH = Control of substances hazardous to health

REACH = Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals]

CLP = Classification, Labeling and Packaging

GHS = Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling

HCDG = High Consequence Dangerous Goods

D f T = Department for Transport

HSE = Health and Safety Executive

VOSA = Vehicle and Operator Services Agency

SQA = Scottish Qualifications Agency

DGSA = Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

VCA = Vehicle Certification Agency

FTA = Freight Transport Association

RHA = Road Haulage Association

RSC = Royal Society of Chemistry

IUPAC = International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

CBA = Chemical Business Association