American Interest in Pallet Networks

20 February 2012

Hazchem Network were contacted by American Logistics journalist Dr Stephen Banker about the background to the UK’s Pallet Networks, especially Hazchem Network being the only specialist Pallet Network for ADR.  

Following the telephone call, Dr Banker wrote an interesting article that was published online at Logistics Viewpoint –  

In the US we speak about “pallet pooling services,” while in the UK people speak of “pallet networks.” It turns out these are two very different things. The UK and the US — two nations divided by a common language. 

“Pallet pooling services” involve shippers renting pallets from companies like CHEP. These service providers collect the empty pallets at the end of the supply chain, inspect them, and efficiently move them back upstream to the shippers that need them. 

In contrast, “pallet networks” are collaborative regional 3PL networks. Ali Karim, the Managing Director of The Hazchem Network, explained to me how they work. It used to be that national 3PLs with a network of nationwide depots dominated transport. To compete with the national 3PLs, regional 3PLs banded together to facilitate national shipments. 

Read the Full Article from Logistics Viewpoints here –