Nada Marinovic Joins Hazchem Network

09 February 2012

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Nada Marinovic as our Hazchem Network Sales Director. 

Nada is a graduate Chemical Engineer who started in the chemical distribution sector with Ellis and Everard Chemicals [distributors for packaged hazardous chemicals for ICI and many of the major UK chemical manufacturers].  

Nada has since gained a wealth of experience in hazardous goods manufacturing and logistics sector, working as a senior manager with successful ADR network operators. 

Nada is an experienced relationship builder who recognises the importance of operating effectively in both leading, as well as in a supporting role for our membership in developing their business ‘in concert’ with Hazchem Network. 

Contact Nada to see how she, and Hazchem Network can help your business in 2012 and beyond - 

Mobile 07712 662431 email