NCEC November Newsletter

13 December 2011




The Hazchem Network team at Rugby were flattered to be featured in last month’s Harwell based National Chemical Emergency Centre’s [NCEC] Newsletter.


The feature focused on the Hazchem Network’s nationally recognised emergency response service –


The Hazchem Network is supported by the Hazchem Emergency Response Service (HERS), a joint project between a number of industry partners, and the NCEC which provides the specialist chemical advice and manages the initial stages of the incident. Hazchem Network vehicles carry a specially developed Hazchem placard that displays the emergency number that connects directly to the chemists at the NCEC who provide unrivalled advice.

HERS was put to the test when a lorry transporting 26 tonnes, including 2 tonnes of dangerous goods, overturned on the A4500 dual carriageway near Northampton in the early hours, shedding its load and closing all four lanes. Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) was first on scene and notified the NCEC of the incident. The duty Emergency Responder, Tabitha Petchey, provided advice on the hazards of the chemicals identified, suitable personal protective equipment (in this case gas-tight chemical resistant suits with breathing apparatus), likely reactions and their products, and spill remediation. The dangerous goods on board were a mixture of flammable, oxidising and environmentally hazardous materials that presented a significant fire risk.


The duty Emergency Responder liaised with Ali Karim, Managing Director of the Hazchem Network, throughout and notified Braemar Howells which immediately dispatched a clean-up team to the incident. Northamptonshire FRS was given regular updates, as was the Police-contracted vehicle recovery company. The driver of the lorry sustained only minor injuries and the incident was resolved with calm professionalism.

“Carechem 24, like all the services provided by the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) at Harwell, is a robust solution for people working with dangerous goods, be they consignors, consignees, transport and warehousing operations and whether they use road, rail, air or sea traffic.  With the continual changes occurring in legislation, as well as enhanced security and environmental concerns, you need to be supported by credible and internationally recognised technical specialists. NCEC is such an organisation, and Carechem 24, in my opinion, is the premier support service for those in the sector. I have used NCEC services throughout my career at Gas and Equipment Ltd, Linde Gas UK Ltd and Interoute Transport Services. Their technical support is critical in managing The Hazchem Network operation – the UK’s only specialist pallet-network for the carriage of palletised dangerous goods.” 

Ali Karim FRSC CChem, Managing Director, Hazchem Network Ltd

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Photos above © 2011 Braemar Howells of the incident and clean up operation