08 September 2010



We are delighted to announce that this August, Hazchem Network’s Managing Director has been awarded the designation Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


When Ali received the confirmation from The Royal Society of Chemistry [RSC] he stated that –


 Chemistry has always been a passion for me. I got my first Chemistry Set when I was 12 years old and that first sparked my interest in science. When I was doing my ‘A’ levels, I was an associate member of the RSC, then became a GRSC on graduation, then a decade later became a full member MRSC with Chartered Status both as a Chemist as well as a Scientist – Becoming a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry has always been a goal of mine. Recognition by the RSC for the efforts we have put into building up The Hazchem Network into the preferred method of moving ADR Pallets and Parcels all covered by our 24/7 Emergency System www.hers-info.com – as a professional is most encouraging.


FRSC (Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry) Fellowship may be awarded to those applicants at MRSC level with at least 5 years experience who have made an outstanding contribution to either:

[a] The advancement or application of chemical science

[b] The chemical science profession or

[c] The management or direction of an organisation in which Chemical Science is important.


Ali promotes the logistics side of the Chemical sciences wherever he can, speaking at seminars and encouraging people to enter this challenging and rewarding field.


More Information about The Royal Society of Chemistry is available from –




Ali Karim is also a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport [FCILT]; and more information about the CILT is available from –




Ali Karim is also a Fellow of The Energy Institute [FEI] following the merger with The Institute of Petroleum, where Ali Karim had been a longstanding Fellow

[F. Inst Pet.]; and more information about the EI is available here –




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