Andrew Walker Appointed Sales Director

09 October 2009


We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Walker as Hazchem Network’s Sales Director. Andrew [like Hazchem Network’s Managing Director - Ali Karim] held several senior positions within Transport Development Group [TDG plc], within the chemicals sector.


Andrew’s remit is to assist Hazchem Network Depots in marketing the ADR Pallet and Parcel service to provide UK and Ireland plc a robust method of moving, managing and storing ADR palletised freight both parcels and pallets.


Andrew graduated in 1998 with a degree in Marketing and began a career in sales the same year. After spending nearly 5 years in sales roles within the FMCG, Telecoms and IT sectors, Andrew joined TDG in 2003 as Sales Manager, focusing on developing new business to maximise utilisation within their existing packed / palletised chemicals warehousing and distribution operations. Following successful year-on-year sales growth, Andrew was promoted to Sales Director in 2006, a role in which he successfully managed accounts with a number of major chemical companies. Andrew’s approach is founded on developing strong relationships by working in partnership both with member depots and customers.


If you are looking to source a reliable and robust logistics partner for your ADR products [pallets and parcels] UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe please feel free to contact Andrew directly.


Andrew can find the most robust logistics solution [commercially and operationally] for your company via our ADR Member and ADR Hub logistics infrastructure.


We’re here to help -


Andrew Walker can be contacted on 07909 891612 and


Welcome Andrew Walker to The Hazchem Network!