17 December 2008


A trade delegation visit [organised by D f T and the RHA] from Chinas Zhejang Province visited The Hazchem Network on 17th December 2009. 

Zheiang  Province is heavily into Chemical Manufacture and shipping and much of their production ends up in the US, UK and Mainland Europe. 

A total of 15 delegates and an interpreter arrived including Mr Liu Ping the deputy director of Ningbo Municipal Administration [the capital of Zhejang Province] learned about Hazchem Network, especially our members and their capabilities. We issued the delegates a Hazchem member directory and told them to let their freight forwarding partners know about the best logistics companies in the UK and which members have warehouses and their services and locations.  

They also were very interested in safety issues vis--vis transport and storage, as their own economy is still in growth despite the economic slowdown.  

The world economies are now linked as we are all well aware, and Hazchem Network does its best to promote our membership as we value your operations in creating the most robust ADR logistics infra-structure for UK PLC.