Pallet Networks

05 December 2007


With fuel and associated costs of running a transport fleet eroding margins, the need for Pallet Networks has never been more critical.  

Multi-user facilities such as Pallet-Networks have allowed efficiency in transport operations which Department for Transport recognise [check out DfT’s Freight Future to see the savings both commercially as well as operationally].  

The future is Supply Chain Co-operation. 

We often get customers as well as logistics suppliers asking us exactly how Pallet Networks Operate to produce these efficiencies, so we were very pleased to read this interesting piece from The Manufacturer Magazine which details the Pallet Network sector.  

The piece also indicates that Hazchem Network is the Only Specialist Pallet Network dedicated to ADR / Chemicals and Sensitive Freight  

Click Here to read the article and understand what happens within the hubs and roads of the UK and Ireland while we sleep.